As much as the SS-IPTV Application is free, it sucks. Locking and closing alone even in the last 4k TV’s, that is, it will always and even worse, will always pass a false impression of the quality of our IPTV service.

Therefore we indicate the APP SMART IPTV (SIPTV) icon below, yes it is paid after the 7 days free. But we can guarantee, the € 5,00 (5 EUROS) that you will pay will be worth, and yes, you will be able to enjoy our iptv list without Stress, without headaches. Everything flows very well, from the navigation between channels, division by categories and mainly the films in FULL HD 1080.

  • In your SmarTV, go to the AppStore search for the application, as below and install.

  • After installation, get the MAC address of your TV, as shown below.

Now go to: to enter your MAC address and the URL of your IPTV list.

See that you have 2 options, uploading the list by file and placing the URL on the site.

We indicate the second option, because then all new content that we insert in IPTV will ALWAYS automatically update you.

1. Enter the MAC Address that your TV displays.
2. Enter the URL of the iptv list that we provide for you.
3. Select Brazil.
4. Solve Captcha to be able to save;
5. Click Add. Ready your TV is already connected with our list iptv, Server and with the best of Entertainment.

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